We Offer You:

  • Experience covering a range of nut sizes, nut material, and plastics.

  • Expertise in building induction heated nut insertion machines since our founding in 2000.

  • Confidence as we’ve refined our machine and tool designs over nearly two decades to meet the application’s need, whether it’s insertion positioning relative to the part or space, multi-tool flexibility, or fast cycle time.

What is Hot Nut Insertion?

Hot nut insertion is the process of inserting a threaded nut into a plastic part. There are three main technologies for hot nut insertion applications: inductive heating, conductive heating, and ultrasonic insertion. Inductive hot nut insertion involves heating the nut in a magnetic field produced by an inductive coil. Conductive heating is the process of either pre-heating the plastic prior to insertion, or partially inserting the nut and heating both the plastic and the nut directly via a heated probe. Ultrasonic insertion uses a sonotrode that contacts the insert directly to generate heat through friction. To learn more about our hot nut insertion process, please contact us below.

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