Leak Test Systems

We offer air leak testing machines, as well as helium and hydrogen testing systems that are used to manufacture a variety of medical devices, such as tubes and catheters.

We utilize “poke-yoke” quality control testing and sensors to the ensure part is placed properly. Our expertise enables us to not only manufacture the best systems, but also consult with our clients to determine which type of leaking testing is best for their application. We offer two models:

  • LT-201 – semi-standard platform, lower cost, manual operation, good cycle times and minimum floor space

  • LT-401 – semi-standard platform, semi-automatic operation, for higher volumes, easily reconfigurable

Ultrasonic Welding

Whether you are manufacturing surgical instruments, batteries testing devices, our ultrasonic welding machine is the best plastic joining system available. 

Our ultrasonic welding systems quickly create strong bonds without the risk of contamination or damaging delicate parts. Ultrasonic welding is an easy choice when manufacturing parts that must meet strict regulatory requirements, and our machines help you repeatedly meet expectations.

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